A corporate portal with added value

We believe that a corporate portal is more than just a gateway to knowledge management; our vision is to provide corporations and their employees with access to an optimal digital workplace from anywhere in the world. The people, tools and resources of the organization all come together on a shared platform, with powerful results.

Briskwale’s development of enterprise portals is powered by original and innovative thinking. We strive to analyse and understand the organization for which we are developing the portal. We work on the assumption that a high-quality enterprise portal contributes greatly to streamlining communication processes, collaboration, and productivity in the organization.

We understand that a great user-experience is essential to the success of any corporate portal, which is why we devote extensive resources to creating a solution that employees love. Our solution boasts stylish interfaces, easy and intuitive user experience, and exceptional design.

Our innovation and cutting-edge technology provide high-quality solutions, which address complex organizational challenges. This flexibility is at the core of everything we do.

We are here to provide a comprehensive solution, which can be quickly adapted to changing corporate needs.

Knowledge management and sharing interfaces

  • Organizational event calendar- an upgraded event calendar that includes the latest user-experience design elements.
  • Enterprise Wiki - a collaborative platform that allows you to find and share information. It helps teams learn and work in an open space through collaboration that promotes the creative process in the enterprise.
  • Document management and sharing - increasing the efficiency of document use. The organizational information is accessible to all privileged employees. Easy, high-quality information flow, fast search mechanisms, category management and document retention in structured directories.
  • Internal mailing system with a company newsletter - a convenient interface for creating a well-designed information bulletin. Maintaining complete information security, privacy policies, and safeguarding the sensitivity of personal data. Recipients’ feedback can be obtained and transmitted directly to the relevant systems.

An emphasis on employee experience

  • Organizational service call system - service calls are not just a help-desk; calls and questions in every area no longer fall between the cracks. The system manages a system of employees’ service calls, directs them to the person responsible within the company, and manages reminders and alerts. There is no need to worry about who to turn to when the milk in the breakroom is out, who replaces the payroll manager on vacation, or who handles the expenses I had on the trip abroad.
  • Click-through services - access and online fill-in forms: requests for leave, sick leave, maternity leave, etc. All forms are available online and routed to the appropriate body in the corporation.
  • Employee engagement platform - recognition and rewards for outstanding employees, and employee discounts and benefits. The system also collects and analyses employee feedback, and provides real-time insights needed to improve and streamline the organization.
  • Digital mentor for organizational processes - A digital mentor that accompanies and guides the employee, such as new employees in the company onboarding process. It draws a roadmap showing how the employee can negotiate the onboarding bureaucracy, and also describes the professional qualifications for and familiarity with the employee’s role.
  • Organizational culture and community relations - all the digital tools needed for a vibrant corporate culture. Rich video and image interfaces. The story of the company's employees enjoying leisure and volunteer activities.

LMS - Learning Management System

  • Reminders and notifications - an automated reminder and information system for employees before each training and course.
  • Independent learning, content and course management system - a flexible and intuitive management system with a smart UI.
  • Enrolment - independent and easy registration for courses and workshops.
  • Creating questionnaires and tests - Building a database of tests and digital questionnaires, including easy-to-use feedback questionnaires.
  • Automatic qualification management - defining periodic mandatory qualifications and automatically updating employees by SMS.
  • Surveys and feedback - find out what employees think of each instructor and course they have gone through.

Employee portfolio management system

  • Secure employees’ database - easy and convenient access to employee records. Personal information, payments, customizable data, full control of all key data in one place, accessible from anywhere.
  • Entering personal data by employees independently - saving valuable HR staff time having to type data into employee personal files. The employee is authorized to edit his or her personal information while access to sensitive company data is restricted
  • Extended employee portfolio - the entire world of employee-related content and activity in the company. Personal details, professional background, company assets in the employee's possession, qualifications, trainings, forms and more.

Technology and security

  • State-of-the-art technology - the system is built on the latest, most advanced cloud software technology.
  • Cloud - No need to install, upgrade or back up, the cloud-based system is always available.
  • Secure management interface - enterprise security interface - Single Sign On (SSO)