BWIZE - The wisdom of learning management

BWIZE is a sophisticated and innovative LMS system for managing learning, training, courses, and qualifications in organizations and businesses.

The intuitive, easy-to-use BWIZE system streamlines the registration and control processes of the organization's training and knowledge system, and makes the learning management process easy and smart. The system is secure and cloud-based, branded, and designed as an enterprise learning portal. It includes diverse functions such as self-enrolment, privileges management, course tracking, automated messaging and reminders, tracking of learning results, survey management, knowledge level testing, advanced reporting system, training budget management, and more.

Learning Management System

  • Reminders and notifications - an automated reminder and information system for employees before each training session and course.
  • Independent learning, content and course management system - flexible and intuitive management system with a smart UI.
  • Enrolment - Independent and easy registration for courses and workshops.
  • Building questionnaires and tests - Building a database of tests and digital questionnaires, including easy-to-use feedback questionnaires.
  • Automatic certification management - defining periodic mandatory certifications and automatically updating employees via SMS.
  • Surveys and feedback - Find out what employees think of each instructor and course they have gone through.

Meeting organizational needs

  • Search and reports - information on each employee, participation rates, dates, knowledge level tests, and more.
  • Appointments schedule - automatic scheduling to employees' Outlook calendar, to coordinate and register trainings.
  • Online manager approval - an option to set up employee registration only after a direct manager approval.
  • Secure personal area - a personal area for every employee, for training updates and a study materials library.
  • Modular system - adding new modules according to changing organizational needs - an LMS system that scales with your growth.
  • Corporate branding and design - adjusting the appearance of the learning portal, logo, and colors to your house style.

Advanced technology

  • State-of-the-art technology - The system is built on the latest, most advanced cloud software technology.
  • Cloud - No need to install, upgrade or back up; the cloud-based system is always available.
  • Full support for the latest industry standards (Scorm & Tin Can xApi).
  • Warranty and maintenance - support, maintenance and full warranty for the software.

Process Control and Security

  • Control of the training processes efficacy in light of rentability - ROI, monitoring of test results, knowledge level tests and employee feedback.
  • Training budget - real-time information on costs of trainings or company events per employee in the company (including subsidiaries).
  • Secure management interface - enterprise security interface - Single Sign On (SSO).

BWIZE is easy to use

  • Fully supports any language (Hebrew, Portuguese and more)
  • Mobile compatibility - Fully compatible with tablets and smartphones.